The Ingredients of a Great Catering Company

Fresh Food, Made into Delicious
Dishes, and Served Perfectly.

Meet The Team

When you choose Donovan’s Dish, rest assured that nothing is left to chance. The menus have been tested and tested again, the set-up is prompt, service is buttoned-up, and clean-up is thorough — the Signature Service provided by our full time wait staff is nothing less than top notch.


Jill Donovan

Owner, Founder

Chef Ken Merritt

Executive Chef


Chef Felipe Carrada

Kitchen Manager, Sous Chef

Chef Colin Bowles

Sous Chef

Chef Luis Proano

Sous Chef

Chef Ed Park

Sous Chef

Matthew Wrye

Sous Chef

Jaime Ayala

Prep Cook

Alba Lopez Alvarado

Prep Cook

Esly Calderón

Prep Cook

Dorian Garrido

Prep Cook

Jerson Manzanilla Pena


Fernando Cortez Valladares



Ashley Valdes

Senior Catering Sales Manager

Kaitlin Rorem

Project Manager

Bill Demeritt

Catering Sales Manager

Ariadna Suarez Delgado

Event Production Manager

Patricia Musshorn

Event Manager

Delia Peterson

Event Manager

Amy Siegal

Event Manager

Justin Van Winkle

Brand Ambassador

Jason Feore

Brand Ambassador

Dish to Door

Christine Sossi

Dish to Door Director

Jerilyn Paolino

Dish to Door Production Supervisor

Duthea Olago

Dish to Door Production

Carmen Tedino

Dish to Door Delivery

Gabe Lee

Dish to Door Delivery

Michelle Thrower

Dish to Door Delivery

Take Out Markets

Lauren Tedino

Take Out Market Area Manager

Nicole Tyler

Market Associate

Debbie Stephenson

Market Associate

Jennifer Stockman

Market Associate

Eileen Patrick

Market Associate


Sandy Wilson


Mya Coviello

Brand Strategist