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The Ingredients of a Great Catering Company

Fresh Food, Made into Delicious
Dishes, and Served Perfectly.

When you choose Donovan’s Dish, rest assured that nothing is left to chance. The menus have been tested and tested again, the set-up is prompt, service is buttoned-up, and clean-up is thorough — the Signature Service provided by our full time wait staff is nothing less than top notch.

Of course it’s all about the food. But it’s also about the service.

The smart, clean look of our staff, and their professional approach, are of utmost importance to us. You’ll always recognize the women’s bright red lipstick and hair in a bun, the men’s crisp white shirts and red bow ties.

Our customers have often remarked on the friendliness and professionalism of our servers… and have noticed that today’s server is someone that has served them before!

We believe that a delicious dish is one that is well served.

Let’s peak behind the scenes and

Meet The Team

<h2>Colin Bowles</h2>
<p>Chef de Cuisine

Colin Bowles

Chef de Cuisine

Colin and TJ worked along side each other for over a decade in restaurants and catering.”When TJ and Jill started Donovan’s Dish, I knew I had to be a part of it” says Colin.  Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, Colin ran a family restaurant for 8 years. TJ always said, “Colin hustles — non stop. And not only does he work like a beast, he creates an amazing environment of teamwork and fun camaraderie.” Colin now heads up the Donovan’s Dish culinary team continuing on TJ’s passion for memorable events and delicious, beautiful food.
<h2>Kim Sikkel</h2>
<p>Catering Sales Manager

Kim Sikkel

Catering Sales Manager

Kim spent 14 years abroad until her family relocated to the Triangle area where she attended UNC Chapel Hill. She got her start in hospitality with a group based in Durham 5 years ago. She has a vast knowledge of events, from menu planning to those finishing touches that make it something unforgettable. Kim loves creating magical and lasting memories and is excited to be part of a team that brings laughter to the office and to every event.
<h2>Becca Gonzalez</h2>
<p>Event Logistics Coordinator

Becca Gonzalez

Event Logistics Coordinator

Originally from Maryland, Becca came to North Carolina to attend UNC Chapel Hill. She got her start with Donovan’s Dish as a catering server and immediately developed a passion for the events industry. She has worked her way up to be the Event Logistics Coordinator, and she is thrilled to be working with and continuing to grow with such a fun and talented team at Donovan’s Dish. She enjoys the excitement, creativity, love, and teamwork that go into putting together a fabulous event. Her favorite part of her job is getting to be a part of one of the most memorable days in people’s lives and seeing the vision of our clients come to fruition from the planning stages to the beautiful finished product. When she’s not at an event, in the wares department packing a party, or in one of our take-out markets, she enjoys traveling, eating, painting, and hiking with her dog.
<h2>Kristen Nunziato</h2>

Kristen Nunziato


Originally from Long Island New York, Kristen came to North Carolina in 2002. She discovered her love of food watching her Nona cook old world recipes passed down for generations. Kristen got her start with Donovan’s Dish in the Take Out Market and immediately fell in love with Chef TJ’s creative vision and legacy. She enjoys sharing and embracing the passion, teamwork and love that goes into every dish. Her favorite part of her job is watching the Donovan’s Dish vision come to life. When she’s not working with clients in the Take Out Markets or spreading the words “Never Cook Again”, she enjoys spending time with her son Sebastian John, eating and crafting.
<h2>Chef Ray Card</h2>

Chef Ray Card

Originally hailing from New England, Ray began his culinary journey in 2002. His adventures in food have taken him all over the country while soaking in the flavors of global influences at every stop along the way. Always up for a challenge, he thrives in finding creative ways to continue to delight our clients. For Ray, food is not only a passion but a way of life and he finds joy in taking those global inspirations and blending them with the southern charm that is beloved of Donovan’s Dish.
<h2>Chef Kenneth Merritt</h2>

Chef Kenneth Merritt

Originally from New Mexico, Ken has been working in the culinary arts business since the young age of 16. He attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 1994, and he has been an integral part of the Donovan’s Dish team since 2015. If you’ve experienced any of the food in our take-out markets, you’ve had a taste of the beautiful, delicious food he works hard to create. Ken has a strong passion for food and loves to see happy eating faces.