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The Ingredients of a Great Catering Company

Fresh Food, Made into Delicious
Dishes, and Served Perfectly.

When you choose Donovan’s Dish, rest assured that nothing is left to chance. The menus have been tested and tested again, the set-up is prompt, service is buttoned-up, and clean-up is thorough — the Signature Service provided by our full time wait staff is nothing less than top notch.

Of course it’s all about the food. But it’s also about the service.

The smart, clean look of our staff, and their professional approach, are of utmost importance to us. You’ll always recognize the women’s bright red lipstick and hair in a bun, the men’s crisp white shirts and red bow ties.

Our customers have often remarked on the friendliness and professionalism of our servers… and have noticed that today’s server is someone that has served them before!

We believe that a delicious dish is one that is well served.

Let’s peak behind the scenes and

Meet The Team

<h2>Melissa Shahady</h2>
<p>Catering Sales Manager

Melissa Shahady

Catering Sales Manager

Born in New York City, Melissa attended the University of Vermont and shortly after graduating opened a wine shop and tasting room. That business flourished into a bar and beverage catering business which she still owns today. In 2007, Melissa and her family moved to the Raleigh area, and joined Donovan’s Dish in 2014. Melissa says, “I love working at Donovan’s Dish because of the fast pace and unique new challenge that each event brings. And because we also laugh a lot!”

<h2>Maureen Riley</h2>
<p>Catering Sales & Event Manager

Maureen Riley

Catering Sales & Event Manager

Maureen is originally from Norfolk, Virginia, she graduated from Virginia Tech, and has 12 years of experience within the hospitality industry. She has worked with many venues, community establishments, event planners, corporations, couples, homeowners, and more to help create memorable life events. She is very detail oriented and likes to ensure nothing is left undone! “I love Donovan’s Dish because of the delicious food, the challenge of learning individual personalities and making each event unique to that person, couple, or organization, and of course, the fun and friendly environment!”

<h2>Colin Bowles</h2>
<p>Assistant Head Chef</p>

Colin Bowles

Assistant Head Chef

Colin and TJ have been working together for over a decade. Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, Colin ran a family restaurant for 8 years. TJ says, “Colin hustles — non stop. And not only does he work like a beast, he creates an amazing environment of teamwork and fun camaraderie.” Colin says, “What I like most about Donovan’s Dish is our team!”